Top 5 Hair Hacks every girl MUST know.

  1. You absolutely MUST get a shampoo that contains no silicone. Silicone is a hidden ingredient in shampoos that disguise itself as softening your hair!! What it does is coats your hair leaving a heavy, greasy consistency resulting in hair that feels like it hasn’t been washed. Eventually when the silicone washes away it leaves hair feeling dry and broken.

    Shampoos to avoid:
    Loreal Elvive 
    Head and Shoulders

    Shampoos to buy:
    Anything clear in consistency (not pearly or cloudy)
    Herbal Essences
    Anything salon bought
    Alberto Balsam

2.   Stop breakage of hair with INVISIBOBBLE

         If you wear a tight bobble or ever tie your hair up wet you’re likely to cause breakage round the mid lengths
of your hair. You can now purchase invisibobbles that look like mini telephone lines !! they are extremely lightweight but very tight and well holding, these traceless hair rings ensure no breakage and hide all marks or kinks from ordinary bobbles . These retail at around £3.75 and come in all colours in a pack of 3!

   3. Hair oil!!!

The absolute MUST for dry hair. Can be used wet, dry, as a serum or mixed with your conditioner. Oils come in all different styles and hair types and I can’t stress enough how important they are! For a light finish try coconut oil or for extremely dry damaged hair then argan oil is the one for you. It repairs the ends and leaves a smooth soft finish.

4. Seems simple – Getting your hair cut!! a simple trim every 8 weeks keeps on top of split ends and therefore helps it to repair ends and keep them solid encouraging strong hair growth. Once an end splits, it splits upwards and breaks off, it is so worth having the ends trimmed!!


I cannot stress enough the pure magic of this product. Its a treatment that needs to be applied between your shampoo and your conditioner , for at least 5 minutes. I used this product for up to 6 months and noticed a hell of a difference!! My hair became thicker and longer and a lot heavier on the ends, it took about a month to know a difference. Retails at around £8.99 but can be bought on the 3 for 2 offer at Boots.

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