Waist training…what is it and does it work?

I came across waist training the back end of 2014, i’d see various celebrities on instagram endorsing these brightly coloured corsets with their tiny waists and it got me thinking… what is this that they’re wearing and is it a scam? So I did my research into different styles, types , colours etc and tried to figure out which is my best option because at £55+ they aren’t cheap!!

I discovered that they come with different rows, usually 2 or 3, and as your waist gets smaller you go down a row on the waist trainer. But how does it work?

It works alongside balanced diet and fitness and drinking lots of water, and gradually with the compression of the latex corset the water is released around your waist, stomach and hips leaving you gradually feeling flatter and more toned.

So within a week of wearing it (up to 10 hours a day) I was starting to feel different and i found when i worked out a the gym the sweat was making my waist shrink more, a bit like wearing a permanent shrinking wrap. So far so good! By the 7th week I was on the 3rd row and absolutely loving the results.

I slept in it each night leaving my stomach extremely flat by the morning. It even looks great under dresses for a night out, almost like a spanx type just for your stomach, its very discreet!! So final result of my waist training story is 9 months on I’m still waist training and still loving it!

I had my doubts at first but id never look back , waist training is a safe, effective and fast way of reducing water and weight from round my stomach , hips and waist!

My waist trainer was £55 and i purchased it from Waist training by Amy on http://www.facebook.com


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