Best tips for a flawless face!

Know your skin type – oily, dry, normal, or combination. Knowing your skin type means you can tailor your products to match your skin properly. For example, i’m oily skinned therefore I avoid intense moisturising products/foundations and I stick to matte products.

Primer – finding the primer that is perfect for your skin type. Primer is the perfect smoothing product which leaves a flawless finish and mixes with your foundation. It is essential to the perfect base.

Application of foundation – There are a few different ways to apply your foundation to create a perfect finish and it is NOT with your hands.

  1. Dense stifling brush – Buffing your foundation in circular motions makes your foundation sits in your skin and not on your skin and that way it won’t slide off.
  2. Beauty blender or foundation sponge – Using a beauty blender damp will sheer out thick foundation but also keep it full coverage and blend perfectly into your skin leaving a flawless base.
    C360_2015-11-04-12-42-29-988Setting spray – This is essential for keeping make up fresh and flawless and a respray throughout the day freshens make up and makes it glow again. This is because setting spray oxidises with foundation making it settle perfectly into the face.

Exfoliation and moisturising regularly – Letting a build up of product stay on your skin will turn into dirt and will therefore leave you with redness and spots. Regularly keeping on top of your skincare regime will help you keep that hollywood glow by removing dead skin cells and prevent skin looking cake and will hydrate your face.

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